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Maybe you didn't  know Jersey Farm has it's own racing team with top driver Mad Mark.
Mad Mark Motorsport is based at Jersey Farm hotel where they prepare and run the mighty 500bhp Citroen Xsara super car.

The car is famous and has been featured on TV on Fifth Gear doing a challenge. The car does 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds an astounding acceleration figure that is even quicker from a standing start than a Formula 1 car.

Mark with the Help of Jersey Farm Hotel has had quite a bit of success over the years. He has been 3 times British Open Rallycross Champion as well as Northern Ireland Champion, and twice driver of the year. Sponsorship in the UK has become harder and harder to secure. The budget to run such a car at top level in Britain and Europe is quite high so sponsors are needed to fund the races. As it is harder to get corporate sponsors Mark has set away a scheme for individuals, fans and supporters to help. Mark is trying to get individuals to sponsor him £45 each for this they will see their chosen name displayed on his xsara race car. They will get a souvenir t shirt as well and also be invited to a VIP day to meet team, the car and the driver.

All the terms and conditions can be found on Mark's web or join his face book page. This is a cost effective way to get your Nam on a top flight racing car as well as get a popular driver back in the British Rallycross Championship.

An unusual guest at the Wedding

At the wedding of Sara and Chris Drysdale today we saw a very unusual photo opportunity indeed, in the form of a racing car parked outside the venue.

This was no ordinary race car but the 500 BHP Citroen Xsara Rallycross Super Car belonging to 3 times British Rallycross Champion 'Mad Mark'.

You may ask how the car came to be parked outside the function suite, well the car and team are based at Jersey Farm Hotel, in Barnard Castle. But why would a bride and groom want this? Because in their spare time Sara and Chris are fully trained marshals. These are the volunteers at race circuits, who look after the track and safety at events. So Mad Mark was only too pleased to lend them the Citroen, as a grateful admirerer of the volunteer marshals who give up their time so that races can go ahead.

It was poignant that one of Sara's first duties was to tend to Mark when he crashed at Croft Circuit, Near Darlington.

Mark parked the car outside for photos and the racing theme carried on inside the venue, where a racing car cake was on show. Tables were named after race circuits, chequered flags were draped and in the evening a race car simulator was the highlight for guests to set lap times.

Jersey Farm always obliges to cater for any Brides theme, in this case their love of motorsport was very evident.

More details on the car, driver and Jersey Farm Race team can be found at

here is a thank you card received showing the car with Sara and Chris

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